Mini Electric Snowmobile is born!


This is the start of the Mini Electric Snowmobile build! I began building when my friend gave me an extra snow-thrower rubber track he had lying around. I constructed the frame using aluminum t-slot, created the steering swivel using a piece of slippery plastic that I turned on the lathe to just let the steering shaft through.


Here, the vehicle’s front ski and back track are more obvious.

4kw of motor mounted

I used an Ampflow permanent magnet brushed DC motor, which had plenty of stall torque, and adequate continuous power ratings for the driving I would do. In the middle, I set a red motor controller called a Vyper, which was borderline for the amount of power I would need, so I ended up making my own instead.

Finished, using wheels in front performs better

This is the final vehicle, with my custom motor controller in front of the motor, and scooter wheels instead of skiis for dealing with the shoveled sidewalks. This was an awesome and bumpy ride!